Thousands of Experiences: Summit 2017, Thursday

Terri White
June 08, 2017
I’ve been summing up each Summit day so far with a theme. Day 1 started with connections. Day 2 touched on inspiration, and today, Day 3 is all about interaction.
At its core, Summit has 140+ educational sessions with speakers giving presentations, but the cool thing is that there are also plenty of options to participate in a more active way. You can go to a lab and get hands-on with products, participate in discussions, pow-wow with experts around specific questions, get social in the lounge, talk to partners in the pavilion – and of course relax and network with your peers during meals and special receptions. 
One great example of this was the BI Innovation Lab headed up by Jeff Hendrickson, our Director of UX Strategy. Jeff is passionate about helping people create great-looking and purposeful InfoApps using WebFOCUS. He views the subject through the lens of “Design Thinking” so you use your whole brain to come up with a holistic solution and a real understanding of the users of your app and their unique needs. At Summit, Jeff had folks working in groups, brainstorming and free-thinking about how to do empathetic interviewing to discover people’s needs, and how to translate that into a wireframe app prototype. This underpins our belief that InfoApps can change behaviors and culture but only if they are easy to use, which is why we are investing in this research and methodology and helping our customers to build the best apps possible. 
And then there are the hugely popular labs. Some people spent all day in there fueled by nothing but strong coffee and curiosity. Build a BI portal in 60 minutes. Pick up some secret gems, tips, techniques and power moves from the WebFOCUS ninjas. 
The Expert Lounge and Social Lounge were constantly buzzing. Which just goes to show you that people enjoy a lounge. A place to chill, check your email, and have some casual meet-ups to break up all this learning. 
The Summit TechTalks were a hit!  We collected valuable feedback in these small groups exchanges and initiated several customer success projects on the spot, thanks to your participation in these new customer cx sessions.
Everyone here has their own individual stream of Summit experience and we are each interacting with the people and content in our own unique way. Trying to capture all the dimensions is like trying to bottle lightning, so you really to have to attend next year to see what it’s really all about! And where will it be? That is the big question that we will answer very soon so stay tuned!