Living in a Connected World: Summit 2017, Tuesday

Terri White
June 06, 2017

We’ve gone deep into the heart of data for Summit 2017. Sundance Head, winner of the Voice Season 11, started us off with a few songs this morning. He’s a little bit country. A little bit something else you can’t quite pin down. As CMO and opening speaker Michael Corcoran remarked, “It’s good to be a little different. That’s what makes Information Builders great, too.”

We live in a connected world, and our platform enables more people to connect and interact through a common language of trusted data. But a connected world is not just about technology. That’s why we are here, making connections, being part of a larger community. You learn from us. We learn from you. Our customers, partners, the industry analysts that are here this week. We all have an opportunity to learn from each other.