Living in a Connected World: Summit 2017, Tuesday

Terri White
June 06, 2017

We’ve gone deep into the heart of data for Summit 2017. Sundance Head, winner of the Voice Season 11, started us off with a few songs this morning. He’s a little bit country. A little bit something else you can’t quite pin down. As CMO and opening speaker Michael Corcoran remarked, “It’s good to be a little different. That’s what makes Information Builders great, too.”

We live in a connected world, and our platform enables more people to connect and interact through a common language of trusted data. But a connected world is not just about technology. That’s why we are here, making connections, being part of a larger community. You learn from us. We learn from you. Our customers, partners, the industry analysts that are here this week. We all have an opportunity to learn from each other.


We learned a lot already on day 1. From Gerry Cohen’s keynote showcasing all the exciting new capabilities for a new class of BI applications, including InfoSearch, narrative BI, collaborative BI portals, and a super cool new web-based page designer so you can “even design InfoApps on the beach.” And because we believe it all starts with data, Gerry talked about how we are bringing data quality to the business user with the new data quality workbench. You can read about all the new product enhancements here.

Another way people are connecting here is in the Expert Center and Lounge. This is where you come with your questions and to find new ideas that are very specific to your business and your application. Our experts’ mission is to solve any question in under an hour and for no one to leave with an unresolved issue. If you stop by, ask to see the dashboard built by our own Jared Posner to analyze the expert center operations. It’s pretty impressive! PS: they have CHOCOLATE.

Speaking of that, if connecting is the chocolate, then governance is the peanut butter. We’ve seen a greater focus on collaboration from the BI perspective – new ways to share thoughts, annotate and chat about visualizations, charts, reports etc. right from the Portal. Likewise, trust in the data and data quality is paramount. Collaboration and governance serve the same goal: improving the way we consistently share data and insights to all of our stakeholders.  

If you'd like to watch the keynote from today and all the commentary around it, tune into IBTV here. 

That’s all for today. Enjoy the photos in the gallery below. Follow the conversation and check out more of the action on Twitter and Facebook by tuning into the  #IBSummit hashtag. Stay connected, folks.