Innovation, Baby: This Is Not the Time to Play It Safe

Terri White
February 14, 2018

The digital shift. It’s got the world’s biggest brands wobbling a bit. Some have toppled right over.

To stay upright and relevant, organizations from every industry must redefine their strategy in a new competitive landscape, rethink their processes and core operations, recommit to their value propositions to customers, and realize more value for the business.

This transformation is kaleidoscopic – so many fast-moving elements. How can you get a purchase on the situation? Every business is now an information-intensive organization. Using information effectively in innovative applications and automated processes will separate the winners and losers in the digital age.

By leveraging the data assets you already have in place, and modernizing with the proper tools and technologies, you can create a powerful information platform, underpinned by trusted data from myriad sources. This superplatform connects people, machines, devices, and data in meaningful ways, and lets you scale up actionable insights that drive process and behavioral change across the entire organization and value chain. Whew! Buckle up and hop on!

So, how can you accelerate your strategy and ensure you’re on the right side of this revolution? We’re excited to announce our third annual Innovation Sessions webinar series featuring discussions on emerging and enduring data and analytics trends with some of the most highly regarded analysts in the industry - we have a fantastic lineup!

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Register for any of the following individual sessions:

Thursday, February 15: IoT From Strategy to Practice

Analyst: Frank Gillett, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester Research

Using the IoT to access data about customers, products, and assets sounds great. But the technology is complicated – and it requires new skills and behaviors. In this session, learn how to untangle your IoT strategies by understanding the three business scenarios the technology enables and their use cases.

Thursday, March 1: Monetizing Data Through Customer-Facing Analytics

Analyst: David Menninger, senior vice president and research director, Ventana Research

Companies can monetize one of their most valuable assets – their data – by making it easy for customers to interact with and analyze it. During this session, hear research-based details on how organizations are using customer-facing analytics and the role of data quality and master data management (MDM), mobile, and related technologies in successfully monetizing existing data.

Thursday, March 15: The Value of Trusted Data

Analyst: Mike Ferguson, managing director, Intelligent Business Strategies Limited

For business users to produce effective analytics and actionable insights, they need data they can trust. However, as more data pours into the enterprise, the data landscape is becoming more complex. In this session, learn about the justifications, requirements, and means for creating a trusted data foundation that your entire enterprise analytics program can depend on.

Thursday, March 29: Powerful, Actionable, and Underused: Embedded Analytics

Analyst: Claudia Imhoff, president, Intelligent Solutions

Information is only good if it's used – and what better way to use it than to put it directly into the workflow of the people who need it? No matter where you embed BI and analytics, you'll see dramatic improvements in adoption, use, and impact of analytical content. During this webinar, hear about the use cases, requirements, and implementation techniques needed for a successful embedded BI implementation.

We look forward to another successful and educational series. 

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