Information Builders Drives Diversity With Internal Women in Tech Event

Terri White
September 18, 2019

The conversation around women in technology is taking place at an unprecedented scale, exposing an industry-wide problem surrounding gender equality. While there’s no doubt that women have made amazing strides in the tech industry, at Information Builders we understand that there’s still a long way to go, and it’s absolutely necessary that we do our part to ensure we all get there.

The topic of diversity and inclusion at all levels has been very close to our hearts. Most recently, we’ve made the topic of women in technology a focal point at our annual Summit User Conference for the past couple years. Based on overwhelming positive feedback from our customers and employees following the event, we realized that we needed to be more visible and proactive in our commitment to diversity and inclusion as we strive to integrate those core principles into our overall corporate strategy.

As a result, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re kicking off our first internal Women in Tech event this week – the first of many quarterly meetings moving forward. This event will explore the barriers women face in the industry, examine how we can all achieve success, and become more inclusive as a corporation overall.

I’m grateful that our CEO Frank Vella is so committed to supporting the women in our industry not just with words, but with action. He will open the conversation by discussing how “women in tech” must be more than just a buzz word, examining how we can make gender equality a priority as an organization, and, most importantly, announcing concrete steps we will take to ensure a proactive approach towards doing so.

Furthermore, we’ve invited a very special guest speaker, Dr. Claudia Imhoff, to share her experiences and the ways we can support women here at Information Builders. As a thought leader, visionary, and advocate on the topic, she will be presenting “10 Ways You Can Support Women in Tech.” We’re thrilled to hear what she has to say and to learn how everyone in the company can take on an active role towards furthering our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

I’m more excited now than ever to be a part of Information Builders, and I hope that we can inspire other companies to join us on our journey towards total gender equality. Thanks to the talented women and supportive men who make up our organization, I’m confident in our ability to overcome these challenges and to serve as a leading example along the way.