A Decisive New Year

Terri White
January 03, 2017
I wore my optimism hat on the first work day of the new year and I was tested right away with a messy commute. No trains. A crowded platform. Rain. I stood on the street for a few minutes and felt irritated about my luck, sod’s law and all that. I almost turned back for home, but I checked myself and began to walk the 20 blocks to the next stop. The air felt fresh on my face. It felt good to be moving. Elton John’s Daniel popped into my head so I started singing …In The Rain.
And I turned my mood around just like that. By deciding to walk. By choosing to be happy.

So that’s what I’m thinking about now when I’m reflecting on one year closing and another one breaking wide open. When things don’t go your way, and they won’t much of the time, it’s OK. Take a breath, look around, connect with the moment and make a decision.

Every decision we make big and small forges our paths and manifests our direction in life. As I commit my energy this year on specific goals for self-development, I want to approach them with enthusiasm. I want to be open to deeper connections with people and relearn the art of listening. And I want to empower myself to make the right decisions that will move me closer to my goals.

Decision-making drives our personal and professional achievements. We have our intuition and gut feelings. That little voice inside. We also have information and data to help guide us. We can analyze the data and ask it tough questions when things don’t make sense, because that’s usually when you find out they DO make sense -- you just didn’t have all the info. It’s important to use all the tools we are given to help us make the right decisions.  And sometimes, it almost doesn’t matter what the decision is – you just have to make one and follow the course. The worst place to be is in limbo. Creative stasis doesn’t lead anywhere.

That’s why this year I resolve to show up each day, be present and mindful with all interactions, and make the best decisions possible to propel myself into the future I desire. At work, I will use the powerful data and analytical tools and applications that I have at my disposal to help me make the right decisions for my team and for the company.  As a marketer, I will help to carry the message from Information Builders to our customers that decision-making is the primary force that carves our individual and organizational destinies. As such, it deserves the right technology (Ours of course! See why.) to help uncover insights, check facts, disseminate information, compare ideas, fuel discussions, solve problems, and make sense of this chaotic, noisy world.

Strip away all the acronyms and technology talk and this is the essence of what we do: We help people make better, more productive and profitable decisions through better data and analytics.

Have a happy and decisive new year!