Behind the Scenes of Information Builders’ Website Launch

Terri White
November 27, 2017

I’m wearing two hats writing this blog post: my always-festive marketing sombrero and my new Information Builders employee purple beret. We’ve just launched our newly redesigned website and I couldn’t be more excited to share some behind-the-scenes thoughts on how we did it and, most importantly, the strategy that got us here – the why.

It’s been an exciting year for Information Builders. We’re energized by the growing importance of data and analytics, and we’re on a mission to help our customers and partners succeed in this new super-connected world. We’re committed to raising the industry bar on enterprise business intelligence (BI), analytics, data management, and data governance solutions. And, most importantly, we aim to help our customers to create more value from data and analytics through our unique dedication to customer service, partnership, and support.

We feel like a start-up on top of 40+ years of innovation and expertise! It’s a great feeling. On one hand, we have agility and the ability to continually improve; on the other, we’re grounded in experience and know how to deliver.

That’s why we are evolving our brand – to help us more effectively communicate the value of our products and better serve our customers’ missions. On the website, you’ll see a fresh modern look and easier navigation on any device. The mobile responsiveness is fantastic. You’ll find the same depth of informative resources and access to community and events.

We tried to put ourselves in our users’ browsing shoes, and sought to present the capabilities and benefits of our product lines without being overwhelming. One area we really wanted to focus on was the business outcomes of using our solutions – how can we help you achieve a particular result, such as monetizing data? How can we help you solve a complex business problem, like delivering consistent, trusted data and analytics within the apps your customers use, so they love to use them even more? Or, how can we help you unlock the potential in IoT data? It’s a unique approach that is a common theme in the wealth of customer success stories we feature throughout the site.

On the design side of things, we have introduced the color purple to our palette (hence my purple beret) as a strong secondary hue to convey wisdom and creativity. We’ve also evolved our logo. The blue is a brighter hue and the lines previously contained inside the "O" break out to show how data drives change. It’s dynamic and has more energy. I call it the “action O”.

But this goes much deeper than colors and logos. The new website is just the beginning of a re-invigorated Information Builders.

We hope you like it, we will continue to improve it so please don’t hesitate to give us feedback. We’d love to hear from you.