Redefining Customer Service in the Public Sector

Melissa Treier
November 10, 2015

We’ve all had customer service “wow” moments – times when we’re left delighted with an organization that made us feel special and heard. We’ve all also had the opposite.

In the new age of customer service, constituents have grown accustomed to on-demand services and having a voice on social media. Individuals need to do little more than click a button or send a tweet to engage in seamless online exchanges in order to get what they want, whenever they want it.

However, how is the public sector supposed to keep up with the private sector? How can the government redefine customer service in today's environment, and change citizens’ belief that interactions with government are slow and unintuitive?

The Customer Service Playbook for Government offers a practical guide that divulges tools, practices and innovative solutions from government agencies that are embracing technological developments and automation in an effort to provide superior customer service. In this “how-to” resource you’ll hear from customer service experts across all levels of government, learn how to anticipate what your customers will want, optimize customer service through adaptive, multi-platform technology, and plenty more.

I was delighted to contribute to this playbook to help define the true test of a citizen application: Will it drive adoption and connection with your audience? At the end of the day, if you don’t have adoption and if you don’t have connection to what you’re putting out there, then the effort is all for naught.

Knowing your customers and delivering on your promise to them is fundamental to success in our uber-connected and data-driven world.  Read on to learn more.