Why I Joined Information Builders - #WeAreIB

Kathleen Moran
November 01, 2017

If you’ve checked out our “Why I Came Back to Information Builders” blog series, or seen our recent Best Places to Work award win, you already know we have a group of passionate employees who love what they do and the company they do it for. We believe our employees are our greatest asset, not only attributing to our customers’ success, but also to maintaining a company culture that sets us apart from others in the marketplace.

Here at Information Builders, you’ll find a team of talented and dynamic individuals creating an environment that is collaborative, engaging, and of course, tech-passionate. Our culture encompasses the energy of a startup with over 40 years of experience in the industry, providing employees with a unique opportunity to challenge themselves in their work every day. This type of culture has been a major catalyst for many employees to come on board, including myself!

We reached out to several employees to share why they joined Information Builders. Each has their own unique perspective working in different departments, at different seniority levels within the company, and from different locations around the world.

Here are a few responses we received:

“What drew me to Information Builders was an opportunity to join an in-house marketing team at an industry pioneer of a hugely relevant tech space –BI and analytics– and what that might look like from the inside. What I’ve found here is a work culture that values freedom, democratic listening, quirky personalities, and a work/life balance so much more humane than the experiences I’ve had in agency and start-up life.”

- Lindsay Sugarman, Marketing Communications Specialist, NYC

“Two people I worked with in the past both worked at Information Builders, in the Toronto office and London office. Having spoken with both of them, their stories were very similar. Describing the culture of the company as a family, where your opinion is valued and you are more than just a number which is surprising based on the size of the company.”  

- Christopher Barnes, Competitive Intelligence Manager, UK

“I joined Information Builders 5 months ago as a Regional Marketing Manager in France. I chose to work for Information Builders for its international presence and its presence in the business analytics and data management market. I am now collaborating with great people within the marketing team who are passionate for their job, talented and working with enthusiasm, which help to build the right marketing efforts and to address the customers’ needs.” 

- Karine Buisson-Gentilhomme , Marketing Manager, France

There’s more where that came from! Keep up with us on Twitter and Instagram, and follow along with the hashtag #WeAreIB to learn more reasons why our employees chose to work at Information Builders.

If you think that Information Builders sounds like the right place to work for you, check out our current openings here. We’re always looking for new members to add to our global team!