Congrats to RealD on its Ventana Research Business and Leadership Award

Kathleen Moran
November 23, 2015

We’re excited to send out a big congrats to our customer John Dohm, SVP of operations for RealD. He has been named the 2015 Ventana Research Leadership Award winner in Overall Operational Leadership!

RealD is a leading global provider of 3D and visual technologies for the motion picture industry with the world's largest 3D cinema platform. The company leases equipment to exhibitors and earns revenue based on 3D film viewership at locations that run its platform.

Until recently, processing box office reports from customers was a labor-intensive process that included manualy entering multiple formats of box office reports from around the globe into disparate reporting systems. The information environment resulted in information inconsistencies and difficulties in accessing data, leading to financial reporting and business intelligence issues. 

Information Builders was excited to work with John and his team to incorporate data integration, integrity, and intelligence technologies into the company’s strategy. With this new approach, RealD is able to quickly access consistent information across divergent sources for reporting and analytics. Employees now have access to high-quality information that enables workers to perform their jobs better, supporting decisions that have a positive impact on revenue. Additionally, executives now have better visibility into the company's revenue cycle and deeper insights into industry dynamics. Ultimately with its new insights, RealD can effectively support its passion for innovative display technologies that unleash the power of moving images and the incredible stories they tell.  

John’s role in driving this initiative has been instrumental to RealD’s success. The Ventana awards recognize noteworthy individuals who have demonstrated superior business leadership in their organizations, and we can’t think of a better recipient.

Congratulations John!