A Look Back at an Award-Winning Year

Kathleen Moran
January 05, 2016
As we say goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016, we thought it would be a great time to reflect on a year full of industry recognitions and honors for Information Builders. 
The company earned more than 20 honors from media publications, analyst firms, and independent industry groups in 2015 - a resounding validation of our products and services and our commitment to innovation. 
These recognitions extended beyond North America, as CEO Gerry Cohen was recognized in the United Kingdom in Information Age’s “Top 50 data leaders and influencers” list. 
With 2015 marking our historic 40th anniversary, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recognized IB with a letter of congratulations, stating, “As one of the largest private companies in the software industry, Information Builders has spent the past four decades providing invaluable support to every sector and countless organizations throughout the five boroughs, across the country and around the globe. As my team and I lift up entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and walks of life, I am delighted to commend Information Builders for setting an example for others to follow. On behalf of the City of New York, I extend congratulations on reaching this milestone. May the next 40 years be equally rewarding and successful.”
Other notable awards during the past year: 
We’re honored to be recognized, and grateful to our employees, executive leadership, partners, and, of course, our customers, all of whom contribute to our success. The biggest reason we strive to constantly improve and bring new, innovative technologies to help enhance businesses is because of our customers, and the satisfaction we enjoy in helping them become better. 
Here’s to a fulfilling and exciting 2016!