Information Builders is a “Best in Biz” for Most Customer-Friendly Company

Kathleen Moran
December 05, 2016

There’s the old saying, “the customer is always right.” While we at Information Builders agree, we take it one step further: the customer is not just right – you’re our focus! You are the first people we check in with in the morning, and the last we speak with in the evening. It helps that we have the privilege of working with some of the most outstanding, interesting, and inspiring organizations out there—who wouldn’t want to check in with Food for the Poor to see how BI and analytics is helping them provide food, medicine, and housing materials, or how any of the numerous police departments we work with across the country  are fighting crime with advanced data tools, in some cases, predicting crime patterns so they can prevent it from happening?

We pride ourselves on a customer-centric philosophy, which is bolstered by our integrated support network dedicated to customer success. This is why we’re so thrilled to share with you that Information Builders and our Worldwide Customer Services (WCS) has been named a Silver winner in the “Most Customer-Friendly Company of the Year” in the Medium and Large Organization category of the Best in Biz Awards 2016. The awards recognize companies, teams, executives and products for their excellence as judged by established members of the press and industry analysts.

As part of the initiatives that earned Information Builders this award, our WCS aimed to change the nature of tech support, turning it into a two-way street by encouraging you to share your experiences in solving problems and troubleshooting. We also added a nearly real-time feedback feature, enabling you to update the knowledge base directly, where information is reflected to help other users. By empowering you, two huge benefits have been realized by both sides. You quickly get the help you need, and the WCS department has more resources to take on larger, time-intensive problems that you cannot solve alone. This allows the department to be problem solvers and innovators as opposed to just troubleshooters, and better meet your unique problems with equally unique solutions.

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