Congratulations to our Customer RainTree Oncology Services—a CIO 100 Award Winner!

Kathleen Moran
August 10, 2015

Better access to information is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, and a great example of this is RainTree Oncology Services. The company, a leading community oncology alliance consisting of member oncology practices, pharmacies and insurance providers, partnered with Information Builders to develop an analytics portal to improve cancer treatment and patient care. As a result of this effort, RainTree and its former CIO, Scott Skellenger, were honored as one of 2015’s CIO 100 Award winners by IDG’s CIO Magazine.

Since its inception, RainTree has had a laser-like focus on helping its member practices achieve better and more cost effective treatment for patients. The company saw an opportunity to provide the industry with unprecedented decision support and clinical pattern discovery using member data, and turned to Information Builders to develop a plan. Together we created OncoExplorer, an analytics portal that unifies disparate clinical and administrative data into a central repository for widespread analysis.

Drawing on our WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform and iWay Integration Suite, OncoExplorer transforms clinical data into actionable information. By tracking key criteria such as oncology medications, pharmacy dispensing rates and claims adjudication summaries, RainTree customers can identify clinical patterns and patient treatment paths. As a result, physicians and other stakeholders can follow a patient’s entire longitudinal oncology journey from diagnosis through treatment. OncoExplorer also enables researchers to analyze clinical and pharmaceutical protocols, and develop and test hypotheses for more effective therapies for future oncology patients.

Information Builders was proud to partner with RainTree on this initiative, and we’re even more proud to see the company recognized in the prestigious CIO 100 Awards! Congratulations to Scott and the entire RainTree team, and we look forward to the continued success of OncoExplorer. To learn more about RainTree and how the company is tapping data to improve the lives of cancer patients, check out this video.