Information Builders Wins Best in Biz Award for Most Customer Friendly Company

Kathleen Moran
March 04, 2015

Here at Information Builders, we’re all about our customers. We’re privileged to work with some of the most interesting, exciting and inspiring companies out there. From identifying crime patterns, to improving cancer research and care, to reducing welfare fraud, our customers are putting BI and analytics to use in amazing ways, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

We truly enjoy working with our customers, and we like to think the feeling is mutual. Our team strives to create the best, most user-friendly experience for our end-users, addressing their needs as quickly as possible and incorporating their feedback into the evolution of our products so that we can keep on improving.

With this in mind, Information Builders is proud to share that we’ve won a silver award in the “Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year” category from the Best in Biz Awards! This program honors companies, teams, executives and products for their business success across a range of categories, and it’s clear from the others in the winners’ circle that we’re in great company.

Information Builders is especially proud of this recognition because it reinforces the fact that we’re 110 percent dedicated to making life easier for our customers. This honor builds on previous recognition for our customer support team, which was also recognized for exemplary global customer service by the American Business Awards last June.

For more on how we approach customer service and what our customers mean to us, check out our services and support section.