First Rate Investment Services: A Quarter Century of Partnership

Jon M. Deutsch
September 08, 2016

Since its founding in 1991, First Rate Investment Services has relied on Information Builders to glean insights from stores of customer portfolio data, turning information into business advantage.

First Rate uses Information Builders’ WebFOCUS Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics platform to assist more than 300 marquee, high-profile institutions managing trillions of dollars in assets, with the iWay suite expediting portfolio processing, and ensuring data quality.

While First Rate already enjoyed a solid foothold in the wealth management space, generating insights from large data stores, the company decided to go a step further, extending new and powerful insights to clients through a self-service portal, ExecView, using Information Builders’ InfoApp technology. First Rate’s clients were excited by the power and control of generating answers themselves, without getting bogged down with tools and data preparation tasks.

“They thought of many ways to view the data,” said Deborah Repak, First Rate Investments’ Managing Director and Products Group General Manager. “For example, ‘Show me all the fees I’ve collected for this set of accounts’ or ‘Show me the top 10 holdings across selected domains.’ There were numerous questions they could suddenly answer with this self-service application.”

ExecView immediately provided First Rate’s investor and wealth management firms with several new capabilities, including:

  • Determining what may be driving increased revenue through fees
  • Looking for areas where accounts and assets under management (AUM) may be trending lower
  • Analyzing and generating strategies to re-balance individual investment accounts
  • Helping clients stay on top of  SEC and FINRA requirements through constant monitoring of trends and practices that might otherwise be overlooked
  • Validating audit processes and preventing regulatory concerns in trading, cash management, and diversification

The bottom line for First Rate’s customers is time savings combined with a wealth of easily-accessible, actionable insights—a perfect example of the benefits Information Builders has strived to deliver over the 25-year relationship with First Rate. “Information Builders has evolved to meet our changing needs over years and has helped us deliver unwavering service to our clients,” Deborah said.

For more information on self-service, check out this recorded webinar with Ventana’s Mark Smith “Ditch Discovery Doldrums: Unify Silos of Analytics for Self Service Success.”