Driving Profitable Growth in Insurance Through Data and Analytics

Jon M. Deutsch
November 29, 2017

Insurance executives can’t drive profitable growth if they don’t have the right business insights. The good news is that the insurance industry enjoys an abundance of data – albeit distributed across multiple systems, locations, reports, and spreadsheets. This requires constant, manual effort to download, prepare, and integrate the data for analysis – incurring costs, delays, and error.  

As a leader in insurance analytics, Information Builders has responded to this challenge with the Accelerator for P&C Executive Insights. With decades of insurance experience, Information Builders understands how to integrate detail, legacy, and transaction data – and transform it into insight. The Accelerator enables executives of all skill levels with pre-built analytical content, dashboards, charts, and reports to detect problems and loss patterns early, illuminate opportunities, and provide transparency on results, risks, and trends. The Accelerator draws on line, channel, and geographical data to segment the book, understand root causes enabling targeted action, and promote an aligned performance-based culture.

The Accelerator for P&C Executive Insights comprises two elements: an executive view and a report generator “InfoApp™”. These workhorses provide the answers necessary to determine the optimal mix of product, channels, and geographies to improve premium production based on current book and trend, create a holistic view of loss ratio and leakage, and call out the key areas most affecting profitability. The InfoApp provides the visibility to see the facts you need to see, organized how you need to see them. By making this information easily digestible, executives gain a comprehensive view of key issues that are impacting the business, allowing early course correction as needed.

With the Accelerator for P&C Executive Insights, executives are equipped with the insights they need to better manage performance. Learn more about the Accelerator and give it a test drive on our website – and check out our solutions for other industries here.