Driving Healthcare Improvements Through Better Use of Data

Jon M. Deutsch
November 14, 2017

Earlier this month, healthcare leaders gathered at U.S. News’ Healthcare of Tomorrow conference to discuss a number of industry trends—including the use of data analytics to drive change. According to this article on the event, two key takeaways emerged during a panel discussion on information management in the industry: the importance of data transparency, and timeliness.

This comes as no surprise to us at Information Builders. Over the years, we’ve worked with leading healthcare institutions, including Mount Sinai Medical Center, St. Luke’s University Health Network, and Quinte Health Care, to help them improve operations and deliver better, more personalized care through more reliable and accessible data. Adding to this benefits inventory, we recently launched the Accelerator for Ambulatory Operations. The solution is a set of pre-built analytical content designed to provide physicians and practice managers with operational metrics and insights into key areas of their business.

The Accelerator provides a high-level view into the health of the practice, providing key metrics such as visit productivity, disease state categorization of visits, no shows, referrals in and outside of the network, and financials. Displayed in a highly visual, interactive manner, the Accelerator allows physicians and practice managers to understand how once-seemingly disparate metrics correlate with organizational performance.

As a result, healthcare organizations can draw on information to run their operations more efficiently and cost-effectively – without having to spend a significant amount of time and manual effort integrating and aggregating data to prepare it for analysis. In addition, the Accelerator provides a framework to more-easily add new insights, and scale the implementation as needs grow and data programs mature – while demonstrating the exciting capabilities of our WebFOCUS platform.

To learn more about these and other benefits of the Accelerator for Ambulatory Operations please click here, and sign up to take a test drive of the pre-built analytical content, yourself.