Customers in the News: Amerisure and Information Builders’ Evolving Relationship

Jon M. Deutsch
February 03, 2017

Amerisure logo

Information Builders gets really excited about the work and collaboration our customers exhibit in their quest to optimize the value of their data. Most recently featured in Insurance Networking NewsAmerisure Insurance Company is the perfect example of this kind of valuable relationship. Working with IB to integrate Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics within the company’s process and culture, led to comprehensive strategies to dramatically benefit Amerisure’s 2,600 employees, independent agencies, and clients.

As Insurance Networking News contributor Anne Gabriel explains in her article, Amerisure has amassed terabytes of information in its Oracle data warehouse, yet the company found it difficult to derive impactful value or actionable insights from this vast amount of data. Its reporting backlog continued to grow, exceeding two years, in lock-step with Amerisure’s professionals and business partners demand for more information and accessibility. 

According to Doug Pontious, Amerisure’s BI and analytics executive, the company selected our WebFOCUS solution four years ago to overcome these challenges, and incorporate mobile BI capabilities into its offering. While the journey wasn’t always easy, Amerisure and Information Builders worked together to meet the challenges head-on and deliver a highly-effective solution for growing both relationships, and the business, profitably. Tremendous user adoption further illustrates its success – access to the new solution is now second only to the Amerisure home page. This success really impressed Doug and his team. As he puts it; “In the process, Information Builders went from being a vendor we respected to earning the role of trusted partner.”

How did this relationship lead to success for the insurance company? Doug explains that the BI function led the way when Amerisure replaced its legacy claims system with Guidewire’s ClaimCenter. It reduced 400 single-view legacy reports to 40 InfoAppsÔ, allowing users to create any of over 4,000 self-service views without involving the IT department. 

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Amerisure as our relationship continues to grow, and the company expands its analytic capabilities. To learn more about Amerisure’s journey with us, be sure to check out the entire article in Insurance Networking News.