Accelerating Data-Backed Insights in the Financial Services Sector

Jon M. Deutsch
October 30, 2017

The financial services sector is rife with data that, if mined and analyzed, can help institutions identify trends, locate opportunity, improve processes, reduce cost, and deliver a more attractive and compelling customer experience. In fact, according to PwC’s 2017 Global FinTech Survey, data and analytics is the most relevant technological area of investment, with 74% of respondents planning to invest further in their analytics capabilities in the coming year.

To help organizations start quickly and make the most of this investment, Information Builders recently launched the Accelerator for Credit Union Operations. The Accelerator provides pre-built analytic content like dashboards, visualizations and InfoApps™ providing a wide range of insights into common challenges to sustainable growth and strength. Throughout our 40+ years in the industry, Information Builders has worked with hundreds of credit unions and banking institutions. While technology has evolved and data challenges have grown, we’ve identified core areas within which to derive these insights and to make them available to all authorized communities within the credit union.  The best decisions are made with data, not assumptions.  How do we accomplish that? 

The Accelerator for Credit Union Operations draws on deep Credit Union operations and lending expertise to acquire and integrate data across key operational systems and databases from which measurements, analysis and visualizations are generated to illustrate the health of the credit union, and underlying trends in member, branch and lending performance. With Accelerators, all CU staff are given access to these fresh insights that may previously have been undetectable.

The Accelerator for Credit Union Operations shows the power of business intelligence and what can be achieved via Information Builders analytics and data management platform. The CU is provided with a quick start to implement data and analytics, and then to extend and personalize these capabilities as determined by their business strategy.

To learn more about the Accelerator for Credit Union Operations and access the technology yourself, please click here.

We’ll be highlighting additional Accelerators in the coming weeks – for the Healthcare, Law Enforcement and Property & Casualty Insurance industries – so keep an eye on our blog to learn more. Accelerators for additional industries and new use cases are on the design table for release throughout the year and into 2018.

Information Builders has always maintained that the power of information increases as the number of subjects, measurements, people and conversations continue to grow. With our Accelerators program, we’re providing companies with a fast start to realize the benefits of this multiplier effect across multiple industries.