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Information Builders
April 09, 2019

In the month of March, our own Bill Kotraba wrote about what people were saying during HIMSS this year. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) proposed new rules and pointed out data challenges for the future. The solution for these concerns reflects of one of the things we do best: master data management (MDM). However, healthcare organizations that use leading electronic health record (EHR) systems need to know that sometimes a mastered patient record is not enough. To find out what other solutions are out there, read “Healthcare Opportunities and Risks”.

Notable healthcare organizations such as Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Halifax Health, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, St. Luke’s University Health Network, and many others rely on Information Builders technologies. They exploit data from physicians’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and telemedicine sources, among many others, across a wide range of systems, including electronic medical record (EMR) applications. Find out how they did it and much more in “Tapping into Insights for Healthcare Success”. 

Do we have any fans of Lord of the Rings out there? If you're one, you’ll want to read Bill Kotraba’s most recent piece, “The Future Requires an Organizational Commitment to One Healthcare Data Layer”. He writes how related Tolkien’s works are to healthcare data, and how fixing data challenges allow organizations to manage the changing landscape. He cited recent surveys and outlines the core issues that impact healthcare. This is a must read for data geeks and fantasy fiction aficionados alike.

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