The New WebFOCUS: State-of-the-Art UI/UX

Information Builders
October 11, 2018

We have been busy at Information Builders recently. Perhaps our highest-priority project for many a year has been the complete re-engineering of the WebFOCUS user interface.

We started from scratch, led by a world-class user interface (UI) / user experience (UX) expert, with a goal of creating the most usable, efficient, and productive analytics interface and workflow in the industry.

The result has been an extremely pleasant shock to customers, employees, and industry analysts. From the moment WebFOCUS appears, a new, visually immersive experience ensues. It depends, of course, on your role in the organization as to exactly how you interact with the product, as some pure business users may only see an information application tailored, likely embedded into their everyday systems.

For those who will interact with the WebFOCUS Home Page, this is the new look:

new webfocus state of art

As seen above, the WebFOCUS Home Page and overall content management has been transformed into thumbnail-based visual menus. It is fully responsive and provides a unified launch point for all activities and content, including portals, apps, tools, and analytical assets.

WebFOCUS Designer is the new analytics authoring, assembly, and distribution interface, and incorporates UI/UX best practices throughout. Designer is an ecosystem of integrated capabilities that guides a user along every step of the analytics journey, from data prep to analytics creation, page design, and portal publishing.

  • Data Preparation. Users can simply access pre-prepped governed sources of data, or perform their own data preparation, with governed and personal sources. Users can access, join, model, and manipulate data from a wide range of sources, from spreadsheets to RDMBS to big data
  • Content Creation. Creating analytical content is fast and easy. Creators will benefit from intelligent authoring workflow, smart templates, visual best practices, and automated options. What used to take hours or days now takes minutes
  • Page and Content Assembly. Assembly allows for the creation of many page types, including parameterized dashboards, data stories, and InfoApps. Users can create mashups that combine their own content with other shared and governed content
  • Publishing and Portal Deployment. The Portal provides a multitude of ways for users to consume, organize, personalize, publish, and explore analytical content. It also allows busines intelligence (BI) developers and administrators to manage the deployment, access, and presentation of governed content to users

WebFOCUS Designer

The images above show the 4 stages, from data prep to authoring to page design to portal publishing. Click for a larger image.

This should give you just a flavor of the new WebFOCUS user interface and experience. Be sure to read the other blogs in this 'New WebFOCUS' series to get an idea of how the whole platform has been transformed into a strategic and modern technology for today's enterprise.

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Thanks for your time today!