The New WebFOCUS: Rationale for a BI and Analytics Platform

Information Builders
September 21, 2018

As we launch the new WebFOCUS Designer edition in the Fall of 2018, we have considered what is realistically needed for an enterprise business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform to succeed – both today and tomorrow. While there is plenty of focus at the moment on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and shiny new analytics tools, the fundamentals of successful enterprise deployments are being ignored.

This is dangerous, as organizations need more than just analytical tools in order to leverage data and insights strategically across and beyond the enterprise. Organizations need an enterprise-grade, unified platform that can support a wide variety of analytical capabilities, user types, data from any source, and the horsepower to deliver and scale.

Consider these key ingredients when evaluating a strategic BI and analytics platform investment:

  1. Enable all the People: Everyone within and associated with your business can benefit from contextually related data and insights. The higher the adoption of insight-driven business, the better the business.
  2. Real Usability: Give users intelligence and insights on their terms, in a usable and actionable way. Don’t force-fit a data discovery tool on an operational user, or a valued customer.
  3. Supply Trusted Data: For businesses and users to produce effective analytics and actionable insights, they need data they can trust. With more data sources available for exploration and opportunity, data quality and data governance become critical best practices.
  4. Complete Platform Management: The underlying BI and analytics platform is essential for success, enabling the management of provisioning, security, metadata administration, governance, deployment, and overall performance. IT manages the technical aspects of analytics, and they must have a comprehensive, friendly, and robust platform.
  5. Scalability and Agility: As businesses grow and adoption of BI and analytics expands, the need to scale, with agility, is key. Analytics deployments fail because they cannot scale. Whether on premises or in the cloud, know that your platform will quickly and easily grow with you over time.

Our WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform fully supports all the fundamentals of modern enterprise BI and analytics, and with its reengineered interface, now delivers a beautiful experience for all user types. Take a look at "10 Reasons to Love the New WebFOCUS" for more information.

Thanks for your time today!