It’s Time for Some FIFA Football

Information Builders
June 13, 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off today, Thursday 14th June, with Saudi Arabia lining up to play Russia in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow.

We thought we’d get into the spirit of the game and get the ball rolling with some fun facts and statistics to find out #WhatTheDataSays.  Here is one to get you started....

According to the BBC, each FIFA football pitch has to measure 100 – 130 yards/90m to 120m in length with a width not less than 50 yards (45m) and not more than 100 yards (90m). Each square metre will contain approximately 60,000 blades of grass. Therefore, the smallest FIFA football pitch will contain approximately 243 million blades of grass.

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Thanks for reading, enjoy the games, and may the best team win (as long as it’s England!).

10 Fun FIFA World Cup Facts Infographic