Information Builders Scores High on the 2017 Dresner Predictive Analytics Market Study

Information Builders
September 06, 2017

Dresner just released the 2017 Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study and we are pleased to have scored a third-place rating, out of 17 vendors. This year’s result moves Information Builders up two spots from fifth-place in 2016, and validates our innovative approach to advanced analytics. Let’s explore the aspects of the study to better understand how we address the requirements and how we assist organizations in making proactive business decisions.

The study looked at key features of an advanced analytics platform including:

  • Available machine learning, statistical, and advanced analytics techniques
  • Data preparation
  • Ease of use
  • Scalability
  • Integration

Right off the bat, we don’t address advanced analytics by way of a separate or stand-alone tool. Our platform fulfills the end-to-end needs of an organization by accessing raw, disparate data sources; cleansing and mastering the data; applying machine learning techniques to uncover patterns, and delivering the results to the business for forward-looking decisions and prescriptions.

In this way, we create predictive analytics systems where everything works together – a comprehensive, cohesive approach as opposed to tool silos, in which disparate technologies would need to be connected at greater cost. Information Builders ticks all of these boxes, and has for 42 years, providing our customers with a business intelligence (BI) and data management platform that also delivers advanced and predictive analytics capabilities. We offer a single, unified technology solution that drives better data and, ultimately, better business decisions for frontline workers all the way up to the C-suite.

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