Information Builders Leads the Embedded BI and Analytics Surge

Information Builders
November 22, 2016

Dresner Advisory Services just released its 2016 Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study. What's so exciting about this report is that it confirms embedded BI's growing strategic importance (28 percent of respondents consider it critical), and provides use cases that demonstrate the benefits of embedded BI in operational applications. Dresner also names Information Builders among the top vendors in the embedded BI space.

What Is Embedded BI?

Watch this short video featuring our VP of Product Marketing Jake Freivald for a quick tutorial on embedded business intelligence.

Embedded BI extends BI usage within organizations, while providing in-context or on-the-job insights and analytics. Its increasing popularity (73 percent of respondents indicate that they are using embedded BI or will use it within the next 12 months) is driven by the business need for more fact-based decision-making, which directly impacts both performance and the bottom line.

Until recently, embedded BI required a lot of technical expertise. But new approaches, such as HTML iFrames and divs, and Restful APIs are simplifying the process and making it easier to incorporate analytics into other applications. The most targeted applications for embedded BI are web portals, financial app management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and sales management.

The study determines "that embedded BI is very much in the mix of emergently strategic initiatives important to improved decision-making at organizations." This implies broader adoption of BI and analytics, which aligns with our objective to make these critical technologies pervasive in every organization. Our solutions currently support some of the largest BI applications in production today, including embedded applications.

The study also highlights use cases of embedded BI in operational applications in the manufacturing sector. This is consistent with our belief that operational BI delivers the greatest return on analytics investments, because of its heavy influence on profits and losses. We anticipate that this trend will rapidly expand beyond manufacturing to other industries.

Operational applications can be most improved through additional context (or facts and analytics) to support immediate on-the-job decision-making. Because employees often have to make decisions in an instant, information must be delivered in ways not possible with traditional self-service analytical tools. Our innovative InfoApps™ uniquely fit into this category, as they empower employees to quickly get answers to pressing or urgent business questions.

Finally, there is a strong demand to include interactivity, filtering, drill-downs, prompts, parameterization, and security within embedded BI capabilities. For many vendors, this is a catch-up game, but Information Builders has been delivering this functionality for more than 15 years. Because the performance of operational applications is critical, this maturity matters a lot.

Maturity and experience is evident in our growing base of successful embedded BI customers. The list of early adopters includes DealerTrack, iovation, Mercurial, Paycor, Sparta Systems, and First Rate Investment Systems.

Given the rising demand for embedded BI and the maturity of various vendors, it comes as no surprise that we rank so high in Dresner's report. This validates our approach and our ongoing R&D efforts. We recognized the importance of embedded BI early on, and can now effectively provide analytics in operational settings and directly within third-party applications and workflows, to make the consumption of information for frontline employees easier than ever before.