The Importance of Predictive Maintenance in the Public Sector

Information Builders
November 11, 2019

Public sector organizations worldwide oversee many types of high-value complex assets including roads, bridges, transit and mobility systems, airports, ports, and entire vehicle fleets used in public transportation or police departments.

Agencies must accurately budget for maintenance-related expenses, but equipment failures can lead to unanticipated costs and overruns, and this can negatively impact the ability of the organization to meet mission requirements. End of life assets accurately predicted and planned for enable budget forecasting that is more precise and better managed. 

The Benefits of Predictive Maintenance in the Public Sector

Predictive Maintenance in the Public SectorWhen US Department of Energy released their study “Operations & Maintenance Bets Practice Guide: A Guide to achieving operational efficiency” they conclude that an effective predictive maintenance program is 8 to 12 percent more cost effective than a program that relies solely on preventative maintenance, and can deliver potential value and savings as follows:

  • 10% Return on Investment 
  • 20% - 25% Increase in production
  • 35% - 45% Reduction in downtime 
  • 20% - 30% Reduction in maintenance cost
  • 70% - 75% Elimination in breakdowns

Predictive Maintenance in the Public Sector – Leveraging Technologies like IoT

New sources of information about machine conditions from the Internet of Things (IoT) give government agencies the opportunity to make a more proactive approach to maintenance. IoT sources that can collect and exchange machine information include:

  • Electrical devices
  • Mechanical objects
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Sensors

Predictive Maintenance in the Public Sector – Is Leveraging Technologies like IoT Enough?

As an example, when a part sensor generates data to tell us a particular part on an airplane is wearing and will need to be replaced. Is that all we need to know? Real-life scenarios say no. Government entities need to address the maintenance of the aircraft in the most efficient and optimal manner in order to minimize impact on mission readiness. This requires more data and deeper insights!

Other information we need to know: 

  • Where is the airplane headed?
  • What is the replacement part? 
  • Who is best equipped within that geography to perform the repair?
  • How quickly and at which location can we bring these assets together?

Predictive Maintenance in the Public Sector – Enabling Technologies 

Integration and Data Management 
Predictive Analytics in the Public Sector
Collecting data from IoT devices and other sources about machine service histories, current conditions, and operating status is key. In order to gain insights, this data requires aggregation, profiling, contextualization, and enrichment. Proactively address problems with data quality, such as inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and redundancies due to siloed sources.

Business Intelligence and Analytics 

  • Understand current machine conditions
  • Track performance, lifecycle, and depreciation
  • Monitor patterns and trends in slowdowns and failures to identify root causes
  • Understand the correlation between events and machine breakdowns to better anticipate where and when failures may take place and why
  • Set up automated alerts when certain conditions associated with failures occur
  • Predict future maintenance, repair, and replacement needs
  • Forecast related costs

Predictive Maintenance in the Public Sector – Conclusion  

  • Predictive maintenance can help government agencies more efficiently manage their assets, while improving asset performance and better controlling related costs. 
  • Successful predictive maintenance strategies depend on the ability to efficiently gather IoT data, contextualize it with data from other sources, and make it readily available to stakeholders.
  • Information Builders offers a single platform that provides the powerful BI, integration, and data integrity solutions needed to enable effective predictive maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance in the Public Sector – Next Steps 

Tune into this live webinar, Changing the Game with Predictive Maintenance to learn how predictive maintenance improves the way your organization plans for the end of life of assets, which means better services for constituents and better-managed budgets.

Learn how governments and other organizations are changing the game with predictive maintenance.