G2 Crowd Names Information Builders a Leader in Data Quality

Information Builders
November 14, 2018

Our Omni-Gen data quality software has received yet another accolade, with its inclusion in the Leaders quadrant of G2 Crowd’s Fall, 2018 Grid® Report for Data Quality. The report ranks 20 individual companies and/or software products in the data quality space, based on user reviews and visibility in the market.  According to G2 Crowd, “products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores.”

Why is data quality software so important?

Every organization, no matter how big or small, has data. Take inventory data, for example.A large corporation may collect it through RFID devices and/or an ERP system, while a sole proprietorship may use an Excel spreadsheet to track product stock levels.  For both organizations, the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and consistency of this data is of the utmost importance, determining how effectively it can be leveraged to improve business planning and enable fact-based decision making. If the data is valid, the business can see which products are most popular, what needs to be restocked, which items should be discontinued, etc.  For the larger organization, with significantly more inventory, the importance of that data is even greater.

The G2 report claims that “maintaining data integrity enhances the reliability of such information for use by a business.” This reliability allows for accurate interpretation, and a more precise picture of what is happening in the business – whether it’s sales, customer support, vendor management, employee relations, etc.

The fastest, most economical way to achieve that kind of reliability is with a powerful, feature-rich data quality software solution. When combined with a solid, broad-reaching data quality strategy, a data quality solution can help generate more valid and trustworthy insights.  This leads to reduced costs, increased revenue, enhanced performance, and higher levels of customer engagement.

I’m proud of Information Builders’ innovative work in the data quality space. And I’m thankful that G2 Crowd, among others, recognizes our efforts to empower organizations to stream trusted, real-time data throughout the enterprise, regardless of its original source or format. With Omni-Gen, organizations can take advantage of powerful data integration and cleansing technologies to ensure data accessibility, consistency, accuracy, and timeliness. Omni-Gen can be utilized to improve data processing in transactional and analytical applications, enhance system migration or software integration projects, improve customer identification processes, and validate inputs in online applications.

Read our reviews on G2Crowd, and to find out more about Omni-Gen, visit us at www.informationbuilders.com/products/data-management-platform.