Extend Your BI and Analytics Capability With Infographics

Information Builders
August 17, 2018

The ways in which organizations deliver business intelligence (BI) and analytics insights are evolving, notably in the use of data storytelling. Stories are often easier and faster to comprehend than report and charts, and they can reduce the time to analyze and draw conclusions.

Let's say hello to a new WebFOCUS storytelling capability - WebFOCUS Infographics!

Infographics engage decision-makers in a visually attractive, compelling, and easily embraced form. Infographics also provide an alternative to long and wordy reports, and offer an additional way to engage information consumers to expand the reach of BI.

They have actually been around for many years, but are usually static in nature and designed one at a time. By leveraging WebFOCUS as the underlying platform, we can now create data- and insight-driven infographics, where a single design can generate hundreds, thousands, or even millions of deliverables, customized for each user, or product, or group. 

Information Builders has partnered with a market-leading infographics vendor and integrated its design tool with the WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform. The result is the ability to place WebFOCUS objects onto an infographics' template and dynamically generate a highly professional visual communication, without coding and without design experience.

WebFOCUS takes care of data access, governance, and infographic distribution. It is possible to distribute and 'burst' personalized infographics to very large audiences via a single infographic design.

Infographics are a valuable addition to your options for communicating insights to employees, partners, prospects, and customers.

Consider adding WebFOCUS Infographics to your arsenal of BI and analytics capabilities. You can learn more by reading our fact sheet or visiting the Infographics Resource Center.

Thanks for your time today!