BI, Analytics, and Data Management in the Federal Government

Information Builders
May 30, 2019

More and more, federal agencies are turning to cutting-edge technologies to meet their cross-agency priority (CAP) goals within the President’s Management Agenda. They’re seeking out a variety of solutions that will help them modernize IT at scale across the Federal government.   

Analytics, business intelligence (BI), and data management software solutions can drive the attainment of CAP goals, by helping federal agencies more effectively leverage their data assets. With these powerful technologies in place, federal agencies can bring all their enterprise data together to make it complete and trusted, and allow it to be securely shared within an agency and across other agencies, as well as with citizens and other stakeholders.

With the ability to exploit and share timely and trusted data, agencies can:

  • Enhance delivery of programs and services to citizens
  • Streamline military logistics
  • Improve health and safety inspections
  • Perform predictive maintenance
  • Eliminate Excel spreadsheets
  • Better manage procurement processes
  • Streamline data management
  • Reduce fraud, waste, and abuse

Our new eBook, How Federal Agencies Leverage BI and Data Management Technologies, explores these critical use cases and demonstrates how Information Builders' 3i technologies can help. Read it today to learn how you can tap into your enterprise information to achieve your CAP objectives through strategic use of our market-leading data and analytics platform.

How are federal agencies using BI and data management technologies?