Ask the Experts Series: What is the WebFOCUS Platform?

Information Builders
April 27, 2017

When it comes to incorporating a business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform in your organization, flexibility, ease-of-use and data integrity are key. With WebFOCUS from Information Builders, you can count on each of those attributes from day one. In fact, our WebFOCUS tool is the only BI and analytics platform you’ll ever have to depend on as it serves every analytical need.

WebFOCUS empowers individuals inside and outside of your organization – employees, customers, and partners – to glean sharper insights and make informed business decisions. We understand that while everyone makes decisions and everyone needs information, not everyone has the same needs and abilities. With the WebFOCUS platform, you can serve each of your users by delivering the capabilities they demand.

Among its many core competencies, WebFOCUS is known for its:

  • Governance. WebFOCUS incorporates comprehensive governance to enable metadata-driven delivery of trusted information and content, available at the data, analytical, and user levels.
  • Scalability. The WebFOCUS platform is known for its highly scalable architecture which allows it to deploy highly secure applications to thousands, even millions, of users, often outside the corporate firewall.
  • IT-friendly performance. A highly IT-friendly platform, WebFOCUS provides powerful provisioning and deployment of trusted applications and self-service environments from any combination of data sources.

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