Ask the Experts Series: What is RStat?

Information Builders
April 18, 2017

Imagine if you could avoid having to purchase and maintain multiple tools for BI, data modeling, and scoring? With WebFOCUS RStat, you can. This completely integrated data mining environment allows users to build and deploy predictive models seamlessly. In turn, organizations can be more proactive when making critical business decisions.

WebFOCUS RStat enables easier and more cost effective decision making. In addition, analysts and other statisticians can be spared endless hours extracting and querying data. Both maintenance and IT resources are optimized, and users get needed information that is consistent, comprehensive, and accurate.

WebFOCUS RStat allows for:

  • Comprehensive data exploration, descriptive statistics, and interactive graphs
  • In-depth data visualization and transformation
  • Hypothesis testing, clustering, and correlation analysis
  • A wide variety of predictive and exploratory algorithms to detect patterns in data

With it, organizations can be more proactive and take advantage of likely behaviors, by:

  • Effectively targeting products and services to existing customers
  • Implementing improved cross- and up-sell campaigns
  • Targeting customers for acquisition
  • Preventing approval of risky financial transactions
  • Detecting fraudulent dealings
  • Predicting product and machinery failures

Want to build and deploy predictive models that are faster, easier, and more cost efficient? Then set your sights on WebFOCUS RStat. Download a free 60-day trial version today and check out this week’s “Ask the Experts” video for more details on the many advantages of RStat.