Ask the Experts Series: What is Organizational Intelligence?

Information Builders
June 20, 2017

It’s undeniable - data has taken on a life of its own in today’s business landscape. In fact, data is often thought of as the most important strategic asset in the world. No longer is data kept in the confines of upper management. Instead, for organizations to keep pace with increased completion and to raise the performance of an entire organization, access to data and all forms of analytics must be provided to all employees who are tasked with strategic decision making.

This is the theory behind organizational intelligence. With it, all employees are empowered to make fact-based decisions on the job, no matter their role. It allows for companies to truly capitalize on all of their data assets. What’s more, through improved decision making, organizations are enabled to raise their market performance, improve innovation, and positively impact their bottom lines.

The real benefits of business intelligence are made clear once you make it persuasive. When implementing an organizational intelligence culture throughout your business, you allow the leveraging of data and analytics as business assets which enables fact-based decision making leading to activities such as data monetization and process enhancements. Even better, the customer experiences you provide are vastly optimized.