Ask the Experts Series: What is Narrative Business Intelligence?

Information Builders
June 15, 2017

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” You’ve probably heard that expression many times before. But what if you wanted to provide a condensed summary of that picture? For instance, perhaps you need to provide your supervisor with targeted, month-end shipping delivery data or have been asked to deliver high-level sales performance information.

Narrative Business Intelligence (BI) can provide the snapshot of information you need by translating a visual form of data into text. At Information Builders, we’ve teamed up with industry-leading Natural Language Generation (NLG) provider Yseop and have integrated Yseop Savvy into our WebFOCUS Narrative Charts. Savvy automatically translates graphs, charts, and other visuals into narrative, providing an explanation of what is happening in the data.

With WebFOCUS Narrative Charts, the customization is in your hands as you can determine the level of analysis and detail required based on your audience. For more technical users, additional detail may be necessary, while everyday business users may want an abbreviated summary of data. For all, the visual becomes a supporting factor.

To learn more about Narrative BI, view our latest Ask the Experts video. In addition, be sure to learn more about WebFOCUS Narrative Charts, so you can continue to meet the information delivery needs of your organization.