Ask the Experts Series: What is MuniView?

Information Builders
August 01, 2017

As a city manager, building relationships and trust among citizens, local businesses, and regulatory departments is key. And in order to do this successfully you need to position your city as an open book, which typically takes the shape of a paper city plan that is distributed to all your key stakeholders. The problem with this approach is that, because it is not a dynamic document, your plan can become outdated quickly and leave gaps in documenting where progress has been made – opening you up to scrutiny. 

MuniView from Information Builders enables you to transform your traditional paper city plan into a digitized, interactive, public experience for your stakeholders – allowing them to track government activties and see how their community is executing on the plan that you created. And, you can leverage the built-in, real-time data integration and advanced analytics tools to compare community benchmarks, measure success, and get vital insights into your public’s opinion.

Care to learn more on how MuniView can help you create a digitized city plan that fosters community transparency, is always up to date, and enables you to tie data to meaningful information? Check out this Ask the Experts video for more information.