All Set for International Summit Series

Information Builders
August 02, 2018

A New Intelligence for a Connected World

Following the success and buzz of Information Builders' Summit in Orlando this past May, we also held our international Summit Series in Utrecht, Mexico, Brussels, London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Madrid from 11th September to 18th October 2018, with a host of speakers who shared their expertise on successfully using data to deliver business value.

These annual one-day Summits are free and provide customers and prospects with opportunities to gain updates on WebFOCUS, iWay, and OmniGen features, such as WebFOCUS voice control and iWay 8 support for microservices, Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain. Attendees also learned how their peers in finance, healthcare, policing, manufacturing, logistics, retail, and education have gained timely insights and operational value from integrated, shared, and trusted data.

The International Summit Series kicked off in Utrecht on 11th September, where the keynote covered Summit's central theme, ‘A New Intelligence for a Connected World’, examining how major industrial trends, such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and blockchain were shaping modern data management, with tips on how to create and lead successful data analytics teams.

Next, the Summit Series moved to Mexico City on 12th September, where the keynote address focused on, ‘Data as the Pillar of Analytics Strategy for Digital Transformation,’ delivered by Edgar Fierro, IDC’s vice president and country manager, Mexico. Fierro examined how analytics has formed the competitive differentiator for organisations that are successfully navigating digital transformation. He examined the data lifecycle and look at the new opportunities that analytics opens up for organisations.

Brussels hosted the third Summit on 13th September, where, following the keynote address, visitors had the opportunity to connect with Information Builders partners and customers to obtain product updates and tips on building a trusted data foundation to improve insights, business value, and revenue. 

London Summit took place on 18th September, where Inma Martinez, hailed by Fortune and Time as one of the world’s leading digital media strategists, gave the opening keynote and shared her expertise in the areas of IoT, Smart Cities, and artificial intelligence (AI).

At our U.S. Summit, we focused on the fact that, in becoming data-driven, organisations must also act in an ethical way, ensuring privacy in order to earn and maintain customers’ trust and being transparent about the use and safeguarding of their personal data. This year’s International Summit also focused on the ethical implications of storing vast volumes of data to enable analytics, digital transformation, and AI. Inma Martinez will lead a breakout session at the London Summit covering the six guiding principles for ethical use of data.

We also welcomed Information Builders partners Target Group, DMI, and Tech Data to Summit. Partner sessions, with digital leadership author and advisor Ade McCormack, and Martin Houghton, Chief Data Officer at Target Group, covered data lifecycle management for the enablement of new digital financial services and compliance with the Open Banking remedy, the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), and EU GDPR. Target Group also led a session on embedding a duty of care to customers when using data-based insights to tailor marketing messages with personalised and relevant offers. DMI will lead a session on the impact of the IoT on enterprise data and analytics capabilities and critical success factors.

Two days later, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Information Builders France with partners and customers at our Paris Summit on 20th September. CXP Group, the number one European independent research and advisory service, gave the keynote address, helping organisations with digital transformation and incorporating BARC, Le CXP, and PAC. CXP Group described how successful implementations of artificial intelligence rely on data quality and data governance. The keynote was followed by customer presentations in which attendees learned best practices for successful application of data analytics in manufacturing, education, and banking, with representatives from Haulotte, AMUE, and Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat du Luxembourg (BCEE).

A week later, we hosted our sixth international Summit Series in Frankfurt on 27th September, with customers and partners learning how to apply data analytics to support digital transformation, along with WebFOCUS, Omni-Gen, and iWay product updates from the Information Builders team.

The International Summit Series concluded in Madrid on the 18th October, where IDC’s senior research analyst Ignacio Cobisa delivered the keynote. Visitors were treated to a selection of customer presentations, where they can hear about successful applications of data analytics from their peers, including the Hospital Del Mar; Daniel Martinez Batanero, director of Smart Data and chief data officer for Rural Servisios Informaticos; Jair Montealegre, capacity management and information center manager at BBVA; and Robert Sánchez, production technician at BBVA.

While our customers adapt to a host of technological changes brought about by mobile connectivity, the cloud, IoT, AI and blockchain, we continue to focus on our core mission: to empower our customers with reliable, timely data insights that can be understood and used by everyone.