Addressing the Data Challenge: How Housing Associations Can Take a Consolidated Approach to Improve Governance, Gain Cost Efficiencies, and Improve Service

Information Builders
May 10, 2018

Inside Housing Webinar, Noon, Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Achieving Good Data Governance

As part of our campaign to help housing associations to implement best practices around integrating and managing tenants’ data, Information Builders will be teaming up with Inside Housing for a webinar on 23rd May. A panel of experts will discuss how good data management can help housing associations to improve communications with tenants and governance of assets by creating a single, reliable source of current information. We will discuss how having a better handle on data can benefit tenant relations and also provide housing associations with better visibility of housing stock, capacity, and suppliers, to help identify opportunities to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Starting With Data Quality

We will highlight the importance of ensuring data quality at the outset and share how social housing landlords can create a reliable single view of information to improve tenant services, maintain grading, and support General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Representatives from housing associations will explain how a data-centric approach has benefited their organisations.

Using Data to Improve Service

Housing associations typically manage multiple properties and communicate with thousands of tenants. Much of the data associated with housing stock and tenants is stored in core housing management systems, from which it can be difficult to extract information.

In the Gartner report, ‘2018 Top Priorities for Customer Service and Support’ the analyst firm writes, “Customers are likely to have multiple interactions with a company, but the entirety of the information collected from a customer is rarely within a service rep’s reach. The lack of continuity between touchpoints can be frustrating to customers who feel they have to start at square one in every interaction. Moreover, as certain organizations become skilled at providing highly tailored, informative interactions, customer expectations are changing.

The panelists will discuss how housing associations can most effectively govern the data that they hold and how best to integrate this with tenants’ data that third-party organisations hold, such as utility bills, educational enrollment, and healthcare requirements, so that housing support officers have all the relevant information at hand when speaking to tenants. Assembled experts will share examples of how a single view of tenants’ data can be used to improve service delivery online, in person and on the phone.

Pulling Together

Panelists will talk about how to overcome the challenges of blending data from multiple systems and sources to create a single, reliable record of tenants and assets, particularly following a merger of housing associations. Assembled experts will assess the benefits of well-governed systems that allow everyone in a housing association to access the information they need, so that they can provide an excellent level of service to tenants. They will also briefly discuss how the new GDPR applies to housing associations and how to ensure that tenants’ data can be used by housing support officers, directors of customer service, facilities managers, and area managers to deliver the best service, while remaining compliant.

Chaired by a senior member of the Inside Housing editorial team, the webinar will offer housing associations actionable insight on implementing a data-driven approach to tenant services and asset management.

The Inside Housing webinar panelists will include:

  • Laura Carmody, head of insight and product development, HACT: which recently launched a data standard for UK housing, with a view to improving the quality of data held in housing
  • Clinton Etheridge, pre-sales consultant, Information Builders                               
  • Douglas Silverstone, head of data, Thames Valley Housing (TBC)
  • Vic Cheema, formerly the IT and transformation director at One Housing (TBC)

We hope that you’ll be able to join us on 23rd May.

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