Acing Data Strategies with Information Builders

Information Builders
August 21, 2018

It’s that time of year when our hours of sunlight are getting shorter and many of us are enjoying one last vacation of the summer. As students prepare to go back to school, educators and administrators are also sharpening their pencils and gearing up for another big year. With this preparation should come a renewed focus on data. Along with many other industries, education is becoming increasingly data-driven, both operationally and analytically. We are facing a future filled with an overwhelming amount of data, and schools need to know how important it is to capture, organize, utilize, and learn from this information.

The following universities and colleges have taken advantage of their data pool and are pioneering how to successfully shape a campus driven by analytics:

Texas A&M University-Commerce (TAMUC)

Information Builders’ WebFOCUS supplied the tools TAMUC needed to help the school’s CBE program (Competency-Based Education) become a model that other universities strive to emulate.

The university has transitioned into a fully data-informed culture, with 400 WebFOCUS users and a rapidly expanding group of power users. Comprehensive visuals make the analytic assets easy to use and have helped ensure rapid user adoption. Because of the ease of working with WebFOCUS, TAMUC is not only data-driven, but the data has now made the university a more insightful organization as it continues to accomplish its mission of supporting students and helping them transform their lives.

Taylor University

By using advanced predictive analytics, Taylor can mine and analyze various data points to determine at-risk students and refer them to the university’s Academic Enrichment Center for mentoring.

To improve upon its already stellar student retention rates, the university wanted to tap into siloed data assets. Working in collaboration with Taylor University’s Enterprise Data Systems team, the admissions department built predictive models with RStat that monitor the progression of students through the sales funnel, computing the relative probabilities that help the sales and marketing groups target their efforts.

Conestoga College

Conestoga College created a hands-on curriculum that brings modern analytic tools and practices into healthcare and other industries.

Through the partnership with Guelph General Hospital, Information Builders’ customer Conestoga now offers its students a course that includes hands-on training with WebFOCUS App Studio in the lab, experience analyzing real-world healthcare data, and field placement that puts students to work applying the concepts and skills they’ve learned. Since partnering with Information Builders and Guelph General Hospital, student internships with WebFOCUS are generating fresh insight into hospital performance metrics.

Whether teaching students analytical skills or using data to reshape school processes, there is a wealth of opportunity for working with data in education. As we say goodbye to summer, be sure to start thinking about how to strengthen your data strategies as well.