Solving Data Management Challenges to Support the Healthcare Data Value Chain

Information Builders
December 23, 2019

The healthcare industry is plagued by data management challenges – interoperability standards, hundreds of data silos, millions of disparate codes, complex algorithm management, and more. Left unaddressed, these issues can lead to a host of problems such as undesirable outcomes, high care costs due to inefficiency and waste, low patient satisfaction, and limited transparency into clinical, financial, and operational performance. 

Spending billions of dollars to move to large, single-platform EHR solutions hasn’t rectified the situation. What healthcare organizations need is an effective data management strategy, along with enabling technologies, to support the end-to-end healthcare data value chain. This requires an understanding of the diverse set of data and sources that make up the data value chain, more effective management of data across the entire patient journey, and transformation of data generated throughout the value chain into actionable information.  

Our new eBook, The Healthcare Data Value Chain: Solving Data Management Challenges With Omni-HealthData, discusses the various components of the healthcare data value chain, demonstrating how data can be more effectively handled from onboarding through analytical and downstream uses.  It also highlights Omni-HealthData, which provides the remedy for complex healthcare data management problems.  This single-platform solution for business intelligence, analytics, and data management gives providers a comprehensive view of the entire practice, with the ability to acquire, manage, and analyze data more efficiently and effectively than ever before.