Celebrating Women Today and Everyday: Advice from Information Builders’ Inspirational Females

Information Builders
March 29, 2018

“Surround yourself with those who inspire you. The people who bring out the absolute best in you. The kind of people who force you to level up in everything you do.”

I came across this quote and felt the message was perfect for celebrating International Women’s Day. Not to mention perfect for Women’s History Month – a time to recognize all the great contributions women have made to our nation.

The contributions from female employees across Information Builders are bountiful – from improving operations and strengthening customer relationships to developing new solutions and elevating our brand. And with these invaluable contributions have come great learnings.

This month, we will be featuring key advice from some of Information Builders' most inspiring women!

Melissa Treier

Debbie Kendrick

Sheila Earll

Lyndsay Wise

Frances Gambino

Elizabeth Cunningham

Marcy Miller Tait

Terri White

Wendy Hutson

Samantha Ortolani

Agantha Miller

We’ll be adding advice to this post and over the next few weeks, so check back and follow @infobldrs on Twitter and on Instagram.