BARC Score 2019: We're a Market Leader Again

Information Builders
July 02, 2019

The latest BARC Score for BI and Analytics Platforms has arrived, and we're happy to once again be a market leader – competing head-to-head in the same class as the most modern analytics platforms as well as the megavendors. We believe this validates our position on flexibility and scalability, with a combination of analytical tools for business users and highly interactive applications for less-technical people.

One of the nice things about this report is that it mentions our particular strength in operational business intelligence (BI), while also providing strong capabilities for strategic and tactical BI. In fact, let's talk about that particular combination for a moment.

If an executive makes a decision based on the metrics in front of her, produced by a business user who generated insights using an analytical tool, it will take time and effort to make that decision come to fruition. Normal communication channels can take a long time to propagate her decision down to the mass of operational workers whom it affects. 

Worse, those workers may need to hear it more than once to be effective: They may have developed habits that suit the old targets or ways of doing things, and they may have to break them to adjust to the decision.

But when the data and dashboards used by operational workers align precisely with the data and dashboards used at the executive level and vice versa, everyone can be pulling the rope in the same direction very quickly and consistently. In particular, operational workers will see how their actions today affect the executive dashboards tomorrow. 

This helps align the mass of workers with business executives in a clear and consistent way. That can only be accomplished with a platform like ours, which can easily handle both parts of that problem. 

There's more to the value of our 3i platform – encompassing data integration, data integrity, and intelligence – all coming from one vendor, end to end. Check out the BARC report and start the conversation with us.

Learn why BARC considers us a market leader.