Information Builders Celebrates the 35th Anniversary of Partnership With K.K. Ashisuto

June 03, 2016

Information Builders recently had the pleasure of celebrating the 35th anniversary of our collaboration in the Japanese market with our partner, K.K. Ashisuto.

Ashisuto Chairman Dr. Bill Totten, President Tatsuo Otsuka, and Sales Vice President Takashi Oyama hosted this great event at the company's Tokyo offices last week. Our Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Rado Kotorov took part in celebrating this milestone.

Working in concert with Information Builders' International Director of Agent Operations, Joe Lui, Ashisuto has developed creative approaches to market WebFOCUS to a Japanese audience. Ashisuto has been highly successful over its 35-years, generating millions of dollars in new business opportunities and growth.

Our President and CEO, Gerry Cohen recorded a special video greeting that was played during the festivities. “Thirty-five years ago, Bill Totten had the vision to realize that Japanese companies needed to break away from expensive customized computer coding which took many months to complete," Gerry said. "Bill was the first to bring packaged commercial-off-the-shelf software to Japan. Though our partnership, we celebrate not only our 35th anniversary but our success in Japan, with more than 1,200 happy and productive customers.”

Totten noted, “Information Builders is our oldest supplier and friend, and our success runs parallel to the growth and wealth of their products.”

The event attracted more than 200 attendees, representing WebFOCUS users from small and large businesses in the greater Tokyo region. The celebration will continue locally throughout the country with presentations and customer events.

“This year marks a significant milestone in that we are celebrating a unique event for the company," said Joe Lui. "Our partnership with Ashisuto represents one of our longest and most mutually-productive relationships."

Congratulations K.K. Ashisuto! We commend you on your success and look forward to celebrating many more years of achievements