The Future of Information Builders is Built on Customer Interaction

Dan Ortolani
November 20, 2018

I’ve always said customer interaction isn’t optional for Information Builders’ success, it’s essential. This year’s WebFOCUS Advisory Council (WFAC) demonstrate our customers valuable input in our organization, bringing together over 20 companies to steer us in the right direction for the future.

The three-day meeting began with an opening roundtable, where customers like FedEx, Nationwide, and ACE Hardware introduced themselves, talked about the products they currently use, and detailed what they hope to learn at the WFAC. The exclusive group received facetime with our senior product staff and high-level management, continuing to facilitate our open lines of conversation with customers.

Several attendees spoke enthusiastically about scheduled WebFOCUS roadmap elements and discussed topics in the industry that are becoming increasingly important with businesses. Others also expressed excitement for the new WebFOCUS 8.2 release, set to increase process management and complement existing reporting.

From cyber threat analytics to the competitive advantage of data, customers lent their voices to the discussion, sharing insights and learning from leaders across industries to prepare for the future of business intelligence. Through customer presentations, analyst updates and interactive feedback sessions, Information Builders and its customers were able to take a deep dive into embedded BI, cloud and omni, along with the current challenges for companies small and large.

Social receptions between sessions helped customers connect and learn from each other. Conversations with industry leaders revealed how others in the sector are investing in cloud, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in relation to data management. Where have efforts been particularly successful and what can we take away from past failures?

As we wrap up another successful WFAC, our staff gained valuable insights into how we can make our technologies better to improve the user experience.