Leverage New Integration Styles to Unify Your Enterprise and Boost Business Performance

Beth Adams
March 22, 2019

As data architectures become more sophisticated and more complex, integration methodologies are evolving to address IoT (Internet of Things), big data, EII (enterprise information integration), and other emerging trends. These new approaches to data and application integration are both more flexible and more agile. They also make it easier for organizations to embrace the large quantities of data currently being generated by new sources.

"Trends in Modern Integration: How New Integration Styles Can Unify Your Enterprise and Boost Business Performance" is a new white paper that investigates some of these innovative techniques and their impact on the bottom line. Readers will learn why these methods of integration are becoming so popular, and learn about solutions that effectively support them.

To find out more about modern data integration, and how robust, flexible technologies can address the widest range of data and application integration requirements, download our white paper below.

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