Big Data Integration

Modern integration requires rapid, real-time ingestion of high-volume data from varied sources — and extremely high performance.

What is Big Data Integration? Big data integration takes traditional data, machine-generated data, social media, web data, and data from the Internet of Things (IoT), and combines it into a single framework to provide the most complete and up-to-date view of your business. It drives insights you need, pulled from potentially vast numbers of disparate data sources in order to boost performance, allowing data analysis that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

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iWay Big Data Integrator helps organizations by supplying a modern, native approach to big data integration and management that ensures high levels of capability, compatibility, and flexibility. With our solutions, organizations can improve operational excellence, increase customer intimacy, manage risk more efficiently, and find new sources of revenue.

With growing volumes of sensor and social data being generated, it has become critical to make large amounts of information available for consumption and analytics. Data must not only be gathered, but its accuracy and usefulness must be ensured. A powerful and broad-reaching data integration framework can help.

Organizations that invest in big data infrastructure, where commodity hardware is typically used, expect costs to be substantially less than building a more traditional data management architecture. Hadoop is a go-to ecosystem for big data integration projects because it’s a scalable data processing platform that can manage large amounts of information using clusters of commodity hardware, where enormous sets of unstructured data are stored, distributing processing work to make big data analytics more efficient and less prone to failure.

With software cost savings of up to 90 percent, the Hadoop ecosystem can be a very effective way to unify big data from different applications. It is also open-source framework, which eliminates the need to buy database software.

Hadoop is a go-to ecosystem for big data integration projects

The only resources needed are the skills to manage the cluster’s distribution vendor (i.e. Cloudera, MapR, Hortonworks, etc.).

Simplifying the management of these resources is a critical part of managing any big data project. At the initial phases a data integration tool may require some additional investment, but eventually the execution is much faster and thus less expensive when the movement of data into Hadoop is accelerated because the amount of coding required to manage it is drastically reduced.

Our iWay solutions offer an array of services for big data integration, including support for both transactional and streaming data.  Capturing, storing, and exposing data is done by configuration, rather than coding, which allows users with limited knowledge of big data-specific languages to create enterprise-level solutions, or to integrate iWay into existing big data environments.

Because iWay Big Data Integrator runs within the cluster, it leverages the cluster’s native resource negotiation and management facilities.

Our BI and big data analytics solutions help exploit the value in all of your data by spotting trends and generating big data insights. From sophisticated tools for data scientists to InfoApps for non-technical users, big data analytics can be available to everyone.

iWay Big Data Integrator runs  natively within the Hadoop cluster

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