BI Tools

Business Intelligence (BI) tools facilitate improved decision making by enabling users to access and analyze data in an efficient and intuitive manner.

With BI tools, data-savvy businesspeople have access to information from any combination of sources, whenever they need it. If they have the skills needed to use the tools, they can rapidly transform raw data into compelling reports, charts, graphs, and more. The best BI tools enhance user productivity, while allowing them to maintain a high degree of self-sufficiency.

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Information Builders' WebFOCUS is a comprehensive BI and analytics platform that includes BI tools for data-savvy end users, as well as InfoApps that enable any user to access and analyze trusted data. It delivers a wide range of capabilities including data management, visual discovery, predictive analytics, operational intelligence, and analytic apps, while reducing the cost and time required to create powerful, scalable, enterprise-wide BI and analytic environments.

BI tools are ideal for allowing certain user populations to generate their own reports and analysis or create their own visualizations, but they can sometimes be too complicated for the typical business user. Only analysts and power users have the skills and knowledge to take advantage of them, leaving a large portion of the BI audience—executives, managers, frontline employees, customers, and partners—in the dark. This can result in low adoption rates and minimal ROI. 

BI apps address this issue, complementing BI tools by offering casual users a simple, intuitive way to engage in advanced information analysis. They offer the ease, simplicity, and convenience of consumer apps, so anyone, even stakeholders with little or no technical expertise, can perform precise, focused analysis to drive operational improvements. 

Organizations need both BI tools and apps to succeed. BI tools will always be needed to satisfy the more complex information requirements of analysts and other power users; however, business users require enterprise data to be delivered in ways that are simple, purposeful, and easy to translate into action.

BI apps complement BI tools by offering casual users a simple, intuitive way to engage in advanced information analysis

InfoApps™ are highly interactive analytical apps for non-technical users

WebFOCUS is a single comprehensive platform with a variety of BI tools and functionality to meet the information needs of all users—scorecards for executives, guided ad hoc and data discovery tools for power users, and BI apps, dashboards, and analytical documents for business users, customers, and partners. 

InfoApps™ are highly interactive analytical apps for non-technical users. They deliver interactive analytic content such as data visualizations, charts, graphs, and reports. InfoApps go beyond dashboards by offering a variety of controls and filters on a custom user interface to aid with highly intuitive decision support. Instead of learning complex BI tools and worrying about data preparation, users can tap into InfoApps to serve themselves and quickly get answers and insights from relevant data, right when they need it. 

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