What Is the New WebFOCUS?

The New WebFOCUS

The New WebFOCUS business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform boasts an elegant, fully responsive user interface and intuitive workflow to automate and simplify complex tasks. Unlike many analytics tools, which create silos and cannot scale, the New WebFOCUS empowers everyone inside and outside the organization with unlimited intelligence.

The New WebFOCUS is uniquely positioned to fulfill all the needs of a modern enterprise, through its ability to combine a broad range of governed BI and analytics with agile insights created by business users, all in one place, securely, at scale, and in the cloud or on premises.

10 Reasons to Love the New WebFOCUS

1. WebFOCUS Designer

WebFOCUS has a fully re-engineered interface, with visually intuitive and highly efficient workflows, incorporating UI/UX best practices throughout. The core user component is WebFOCUS Designer, an ecosystem of integrated capabilities that guide a user along every step of the analytics journey – from data preparation to content creation to assembly to publishing and deployment.

2. WebFOCUS Portal

The WebFOCUS Portal provides a multitude of ways for users to consume, organize, personalize, publish, and explore analytical content. It also allows BI developers and administrators to manage the deployment, access, and presentation of governed content to users. The WebFOCUS Portal is essential for any degree of user, content, or deployment sophistication, as it controls three keys to successful analytics: BI and analytics administration, analytics content management, and user empowerment.

3. Data Science, Machine Learning, and Predictive / Prescriptive Analytics

WebFOCUS offers a suite of data science capabilities, including integration with R and Python network systems, models, and statistical functions. RStat provides a single, integrated predictive solution for BI, data modeling, and scoring that can be deployed and consumed by hundreds or even thousands of users. WebFOCUS What-If Assist is a tool that provides scenario comparisons for break-even analysis, operating analysis, competitive analysis, budgeting, and forecasting.

4. WebFOCUS Total Access Cloud

WebFOCUS Total Access Cloud delivers an all-in BI and analytics platform, with end-to-end cloud managed hosting services and cloud support services – on Amazon Web Services. A subscription offers a lower up-front investment, simpler and faster analytics deployments, and greater flexibility and scalability to handle growth and unanticipated demand.

5. Intelligent Objects and Collaborative Analytics

WebFOCUS Intelligent Objects enable users to collaboratively leverage each others' analytics. The secret sauce is a new dynamic metadata layer that is automatically generated as analytics are created. A user can see and access similar and related preexisting views, enabling everyone to build on each other’s work, increasing the pace of innovation across the organization, and reducing redundancy.

6. WebFOCUS Infographics

WebFOCUS Infographics enable organizations to create and deliver visually insightful communications to employees, partners, prospects, and customers – without the need to code or be a graphic designer. With WebFOCUS, it is possible to automate the personalization and distribution of high-quality infographics to thousands, or even millions of people via WebFOCUS scheduling and bursting.

WebFOCUS InfoSearch

7. WebFOCUS InfoSearch

WebFOCUS InfoSearch extends existing BI and analytics environments with the ability to locate existing reports, charts, dashboards, and visualizations indexed in a BI archive through simple, intuitive, Google-style searches. It accelerates the discovery of critical insights by making use of natural language and a type-ahead search index to enable any asset to be easily located by data elements, metadata objects, or content titles.

8. Big Data Integration and Analytics Made Easy

Whether a data scientist, analyst, executive, or operational worker, big data is available for exploration via self-service tools, dashboards, custom apps, or analytical documents. WebFOCUS extends its support for big data with new adapters for Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and MariaDB. New adapters also support EXASol, IBM i JDBC, Apache Phoenix, and MapR/Apache Drill, enabling high-speed access to big data. This allows Hadoop to be used directly as an analytical source, eliminating the need to move big data out of the repository.

WebFOCUS and Big Data Analytics

9. WebFOCUS InfoApps

InfoApps™ are purpose-built, business-driven analytical apps that provide any decision-maker with fast, easy access to actionable information – without having to understand the complexity of the underlying data or tool. InfoApps take a unique approach to self-service analytics, delivering immediately intuitive and usable content to the broadest range of users. They provide super-flexible ways to drive greater data-driven business adoption inside and outside your enterprise.

10. Seamless Scalability

As businesses grow, and adoption of BI and analytics expands, the need to scale with agility is key. With WebFOCUS, organizations can achieve scalability of not just of users, but data sources and performance at a much lower hardware and software cost compared to other BI tools and platforms. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, WebFOCUS supports super-linear scaling and is widely respected for supporting very large user populations, up to thousands or even millions of users.

WebFOCUS, complete scalability

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