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June 23 and 24, 2020


Join our community at this pivotal moment in time as we transform our annual conference into a two-day digital experience.


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We help companies solve complex data and analytics challenges to make more informed decisions.

One End-to-End Data and Analytics Platform

Seamlessly integrate all your data, ensure it's always business-ready, and deliver actionable analytics with a single platform.

In the Cloud, Multi-Cloud, On-Prem, or Hybrid

Deploy flexible cloud options to meet your business needs now and in the future.

For All Users and Use Cases

When analytics are embedded across applications so more people can take advantage of them, your ROI soars. Find out how our platform's flexibility supports your digital transformation initiatives.

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Trusted Data
Built on Trusted Data

Ever wonder why you have tons more data, but are none the wiser? Now you can transform all that disparate data into trusted insights that drive the business. 

Why Do Organizations Choose Us?

United Way Worldwide

With data and analytics, we have what we need to back up and be authentic and credible in our message, and make sure that we stay true to the work that we do.

Lisa Bowman
Chief Marketing Officer

York Regional Police

With data and analytics, York Regional Police is becoming more effective and efficient with its resources, and therefore, providing the best service to our community.

Greg Stanisci
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Manager


WebFOCUS is very effective for us. It gives us the data discovery, data visualization, and drill-down capabilities that we need. More importantly, it allows us to put the right degree of control around how we use, expose, and report on our data.

Sugit Unni
Senior Leader of Technology
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