WebFOCUS and Linux on Power: Twice as Fast, Twice as Powerful

With sub-second query response times, WebFOCUS and Linux on Power can help you generate up to twice as many reports per second, reduce licensing costs, manage the growth of IT organizations, and allow for scaling up as your use of analytics grows.

Check Out the Benchmarks

  • Better throughput. Linux on Power doubles the number of large reports per second over x86
  • Slash report time in half. POWER8 generates WebFOCUS reports in about half the time as Linux on x86 and less a quarter of the time than Windows on x86
  • Superior scalability. As the number of cores increases, so does the scalability of WebFOCUS on Power8, so Power System servers can handle more analytics and reports per server than x86

Watch this 10-minute product overview and live demo to see the WebFOCUS/Power on Linux connection in action. You'll see actual benchmarks of queries using Linux, DB2, and WebFOCUS that illustrate sub-second query response times on workloads on Power hardware of all sizes – even while adding users.

The Power and The Speed – Linux on Power and WebFOCUS

WebFOCUS and IBM Linux on Power provide an ideal platform for customers to centralize business analytics with other applications that are essential for improving decision-making: Hadoop, data warehouses, customer relationship management (CRM), supply-chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and social and sensor data. Information Builders does all of the heavy lifting related to big data processing by retrieving, cleaning, and analyzing data, building sophisticated visualizations and transforming data into actionable information that drives better decisions.

Super-Linear Scalability With WebFOCUS and Linux on Power

With Information Builders and IBM Linux on Power you can:

  • Process mission-critical workloads in a reliable and secure environment
  • Speed response times for report generation and slash user wait times
  • Reduce the number of cores required for equivalent workload, cutting the cost of hardware, software, power, and resources
  • Access process, and transform massive amounts of structured and unstructured data into actionable information
  • Respond quickly to business opportunities with agile, real-time infrastructures
  • Enhance efficiency and agility by optimizing workload and resource deployment
  • Improve IT economics by leveraging new technologies, including those built on open standards

Linux on Power and WebFOCUS saves IT costs. The flexible capacity of Power offers savings in electricity, cooling, and IT resources. IBM prices provide more scalable alternatives to commodity x86 scale-out options, reducing TCO even further.

Linux on Power and WebFOCUS deploys quickly. IBM Power Systems for Linux and supporting systems help to decrease deployment time and costs, while offering greater performance, dependability, and workload density than competitive x86 platforms.

Linux on Power and WebFOCUS scales easily. An effective BI environment must be able to scale easily and cost-effectively to meet new and expanding business requirements. The environment should use a server-based architecture to simplify software maintenance, streamline report distribution, ease query and analysis, and minimize network activity. It must also process requests efficiently to avoid spiraling hardware and maintenance costs.

Linux on Power and WebFOCUS delivers super-linear scalability. They offer flexibility so you can deploy any components of WebFOCUS – BI Portal, Report Bursting, or alert-based conditions, for example – for users to access data quickly and intuitively. They scale from 10 to 1,000,000 users and impact decision-making immediately.

Linux on Power and WebFOCUS are easy to use. Although total cost of ownership is an essential metric for calculating the success of a BI project, you must also consider less tangible aspects, such as easier access to information, better dissemination of knowledge, and increased productivity for workers throughout the organization.