Five Hot Trends Shaping the Future of Business Analytics

Big data, cloud, social media, predictive analytics, and data monetization.

More than buzzwords, these technologies are changing everything – again. Each on its own represents a significant shift in how you leverage data to accelerate your mission. But used together as an integral part of your information strategy – well, now we’re talking data-driven powerhouse.

Join us for this executive luncheon to learn how these five mega technology waves are converging to transform the way critical business decisions are made, and opening opportunities for new services, new revenue, and new positioning. We'll explore how to modernize and future-proof your information strategy by incorporating:

  • Cloud, to access and share more information sources
  • Big data analytics, to improve insight from structured and unstructured data
  • Social media analytics, to better understand sentiment and behavior
  • Predictive analytics, to get a clear picture of what’s most likely to happen next
  • Data monetization, to generate new revenue, cut costs, and more

Demos and case studies will be presented.

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