Executive Luncheon: Change the Game and Innovate With Data and Analytics

The highest-performing companies use data and analytics to innovate and change the game.

You can, too.

Be our guest at this executive luncheon and learn how they do it. You’ll see how to get a strategic data advantage and improve analytics for better decisions for more people.

You’ll learn transformative ideas that will help you:

  • Increase your adoption rates for BI and analytics
  • Capitalize on the next big innovation in BI: in-document analytics
  • Operationalize and monetize data, not just visualize it
  • Avoid data chaos and self-service analytics “gotchas”
  • Simplify data management and data quality

Don’t miss a chance to network with your peers, hear success stories, see demos, and enjoy some great food and conversation.

Chris Banks
Director of BI and Analytics
Information Builders

Dan Schultz
Director, Data Management Solutions
Information Builders

Anyone interested in using data and analytics to drive innovation, value and performance.

There are currently no dates for this event at this location. You can find events near you on our worldwide events page or fill out our Call me form to inquire about upcoming events in your area.