Welcome and Introductions
Presented by Ray Pudlak, Area Technical Manager, Information Builders

Information Builders Product Suite Update – Best of Summit
Presented by Jim McDermott, Assistant Area Technical Manager, Information Builders
This session will cover product highlights from Summit 2017. The session will include release 8201M available features, Cloud and WebFOCUS Enterprise Usage Monitor.

WebFOCUS 8.2.01M: Before You Upgrade
Presented by Andrew Katz, Senior Technical Account Manager, Information Builders
In this session we will outline the new resources and efficiencies available to facilitate your WebFOCUS Release 8.201M upgrade planning.

Making an Ad Hoc Environment Make Sense: Building a Metadata Foundation
Presented by Rich Badurski, Senior Systems Engineer, Information Builders
In this session, we'll review metadata best practices and how to implement an Intuitive ad-hoc environment for InfoAssist+, advance calculations, smart filters, and prompts.

Self-Service BI with InfoAssist+
Presented by Jason Muhammad,Systems Engineer, Information Builders
WebFOCUS InfoAssist+ (IA+) delivers business analytics to everyone. It is a single, unified product for visually analyzing complex data sets; generating sophisticated data visualizations, dashboards and reports; and enhancing data-driven decision-making enterprise wide. WebFOCUS InfoAssist+ empowers business users with the ability to glean new value and insight out of their data, without the need to involve IT and business intelligence (BI) developers for many of their analytical needs. This session will demonstrate how you can use IA+ to empower users with self-service BI.

Customer Presentation
Presented by Kiran Kethineni, ProFund Advisors, LLC
See how local customer, ProFund Advisors, are leveraging WebFOCUS to automate existing Manual production of Factsheets for their products.